Installing your STT Swings playset


Installing your STT swing-set. We have been installing and assembling swing sets for years in schools, playschools and homes. Our dedicated experienced assembly team will ensure prompt assembly time with the safety of your child in mind. In the time lapse video below you can see our assembly team hard at work, completing the play-set in under eight hours. You can see how much effort (and how many men) it takes to build the best play structure.  And we know your child will love it. We thought the kids would collapse with excitement, eagerly waiting for it to be built!.

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Building a leprechaun trap for St Patricks Day

Building a Leprechaun trap for St Patricks Day is always tricky. As St Patrick’s day is just around the corner, we thought it is a perfect time to try and catch a Leprechaun (and find the pot of gold). The idea is to design a trap for them the night before St Patricks Day, in the hope that you will wake up and find your very own Leprechaun who can lead you straight to his pot of gold- as a bribe for his release. They are very rich because they earn good money from their shoemaking business, where they make shoes for fairies.  Each Leprechaun has a pot of gold and they hide it in places only they can reach.  The end of the rainbow is the most famous example. Some folklore stories say that a Leprechaun must grant three wishes in exchange for freedom.  What wishes would you wish for?  We’d definitely wish for a super duper climbing frame.

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STT savings club launched

STT SWINGS happy childrenWe’re delighted that our STT savings club is now launched. Kickstart the new year with STT Savers Club and create a memorable childhood for your kids with only a little investment each month. The main focal point of any childhood is the outdoor play structure, whether it is a treehouse, swing or playhouse, they provide an experience kids will remember and look back fondly as adults. You are not just investing in a new toy or gimmick, you are investing in their wellbeing.  In Ireland an unthinkable amount of money is spent on meaningless children’s toys which keep them entertained for less than a week until they are just tossed into the corner or added to the pile of forgotten toys stored in the press with cob webs forming on them. Continue reading “STT savings club launched”

Create a Halloween Hooley in the garden

Happy halloween from STT swingsAs we love being outside here in STT Swings we thought what could be better this midterm than to create a Halloween Hooley in the garden. Like all you nature lovers, we don’t care what the weather’s like (well storm Ophelia aside). Food and hot drinks taste even better outside don’t you think? We especially love snuggling up in the tree house with a hot chocolate (extra marshmallows) and watching the steam rise, yumalicious. And it’s even better when you’re dressed up in fancy dress. There’s no set date for a Halloween Hooley, it’s your midterm, so you decide when you want to host the “party to end all parties”.

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Ways to create a wildlife sanctuary in your garden

Ways to create a wildlife sanctuary in your gardenAs we head into Halloween we thought it was the perfect time to share ways to create a wildlife sanctuary in your garden. Once all your hard work is done, you can sit back in your garden den (or hide under the (climbing frame) and watch all the little creatures arrive for your very own ‘Ugly Bug Ball’.   Any garden, no matter how small, can be made into a nature reserve and if we all do our bit, we can create a magical protected space for our wildlife.   Continue reading “Ways to create a wildlife sanctuary in your garden”

How children learn through play

how children learn through playHow children learn through play is fascinating.  There are many schools of thought on the subject but they can be summed up in the graphic below.  Firstly a child is naturally curious and so this makes them interested and keen to learn about the toy they are playing with.  This curiosity drives them to play.  As they go through playing they learn things and become even more curious.  As they are playing, they find this learning fun.  All children like to repeat activities that are fun.  By repeating the process, they achieve mastery and cement in the skills they are learning.  A child who is mastering new skills is becoming confident in themselves.  When a child is confident they are willing to try a new challenge and the whole cycles beings again! Continue reading “How children learn through play”

Garden games for children and adults

garden games for children and adultsGarden games for children and adults can be hard to come by.  This is one of the reasons we developed our giant chess and draughts sets.  The set allows children and adults to play together in a game of strategy whilst simultaneously having a lot of fun.  One of the most famous giant chess sets is located in Wales in the beautiful garden in Portmerion.  Portmerion is world famous as one of the designs by the visionary architect, Clough William Ellis. One of our staff was there during the summer and took the stunning photograph below as some inspiration.  It’s a great example as to how to get the chess set to fit into a formal garden.  In reality the chess set looks amazing and actually adds to the design of the garden snuggled in amongst the hydrangeas. Continue reading “Garden games for children and adults”