Handmade Irish Wooden Toy Farms Christmas Delivery

STT swings handmade Irish christmas toysOur handmade Irish wooden toy farms Christmas delivery will be starting up shortly.  There are only 11 weeks until Santa pops down the chimney!  He’s already been busy with the elves collecting all those farms for the super well behaved girls and boys of Ireland.  We have taken on some extra elves here too, just to make sure that we have his orders ready for the sleigh.  Did you know that toy farms are one of the most popular Christmas toys of all time and Santa has been leaving them under trees for hundreds of years. Continue reading “Handmade Irish Wooden Toy Farms Christmas Delivery”

Garden games for children and adults

garden games for children and adultsGarden games for children and adults can be hard to come by.  This is one of the reasons we developed our giant chess and draughts sets.  The set allows children and adults to play together in a game of strategy whilst simultaneously having a lot of fun.  One of the most famous giant chess sets is located in Wales in the beautiful garden in Portmerion.  Portmerion is world famous as one of the designs by the visionary architect, Clough William Ellis. One of our staff was there during the summer and took the stunning photograph below as some inspiration.  It’s a great example as to how to get the chess set to fit into a formal garden.  In reality the chess set looks amazing and actually adds to the design of the garden snuggled in amongst the hydrangeas. Continue reading “Garden games for children and adults”