Building a leprechaun trap for St Patricks Day

Building a Leprechaun trap for St Patricks Day is always tricky. As St Patrick’s day is just around the corner, we thought it is a perfect time to try and catch a Leprechaun (and find the pot of gold). The idea is to design a trap for them the night before St Patricks Day, in the hope that you will wake up and find your very own Leprechaun who can lead you straight to his pot of gold- as a bribe for his release. They are very rich because they earn good money from their shoemaking business, where they make shoes for fairies.  Each Leprechaun has a pot of gold and they hide it in places only they can reach.  The end of the rainbow is the most famous example. Some folklore stories say that a Leprechaun must grant three wishes in exchange for freedom.  What wishes would you wish for?  We’d definitely wish for a super duper climbing frame.

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Closing date for communities to apply for the playground grant

closing date for communities to apply for the playground grant**Reminder only 24 hours left**


Tomorrow the 14th of February is the closing date for communities to apply for the playground grant. Community groups interested in a new playground must fill out the expression of interest form to receive grant aid for the development of community projects and outdoor gyms. County Wexford has  taken the lead with a super initiative in their five-year plan.  The strategic plan will be in place from 2017 to 2022, to develop playgrounds in towns around the county of Wexford.  They are going to develop up to thirteen playgrounds. Communities who wish to develop children’s playgrounds can be awarded grants up to twenty five thousand euro. You can read all about the leader funding program here. Continue reading “Closing date for communities to apply for the playground grant”

Sensory Swings for kids with disabilities


STT Swings sensory swings for kids with disabilitiesIn recent years, sensory swings  for kids with disabilities, have been widely adopted in therapy. Sensory swings especially help people on the autism spectrum, kids with Asperger’s syndrome or kids with a sensory processing disorder. These swings have many therapeutic benefits. Kids with these disabilities often find it difficult to process their movements and movements around them. This is called a vestibular dysfunction.  Most of us are aware of our five senses (hearing, touch, smell, sight, and taste). However, the sixth important sense which is often forgotten is the vestibular sense (the movement sense). This is responsible for how we process stimuli around us and navigate our bodies. Continue reading “Sensory Swings for kids with disabilities”

Top outdoor toys from Santa this Christmas

rudolph snowglobeHere it is the list of top outdoor toys from Santa this Christmas. All the elves here at STT Swings have been extremely busy helping Santa to pack his Christmas sack. We are not sure how he manages to get all of the orders out on time, or where he fits them all on his sleigh, but every year he manages to do it. This year we are really excited to share what we have been helping him with and they are some lovely items that will bring fun all year round. Continue reading “Top outdoor toys from Santa this Christmas”

Santas Sack Christmas Toy Giveaway

STT Santas Sack Christmas Giveaway

We want to make a deserving family’s Christmas very special this year, with our Santas Sack Christmas Toy Giveaway competition.    If you’d like to enter this competition, it is running on our Facebook page. (You can also enter via any ad campaigns that we use to drive the competition across Facebook). We are running 2 Christmas competitions in the month of November (2017).  In this first competition, we are giving away a super Christmas toy from a choice of 2 , and in our second competition we are giving away a garden single Swing set handmade by our elves here in Carlow, so whether it’s for a girl or a boy we have the perfect toy for your chosen family.  You get to choose between Disney’s ‘Princess Ariel Land to Sea’ Dollhouse or the Disney Pixar ‘Cars 3’ Florida Racetrack Set and Table.  Both toys are for ages 3 years and upwards. Continue reading “Santas Sack Christmas Toy Giveaway”

Ways to create a wildlife sanctuary in your garden

Ways to create a wildlife sanctuary in your gardenAs we head into Halloween we thought it was the perfect time to share ways to create a wildlife sanctuary in your garden. Once all your hard work is done, you can sit back in your garden den (or hide under the (climbing frame) and watch all the little creatures arrive for your very own ‘Ugly Bug Ball’.   Any garden, no matter how small, can be made into a nature reserve and if we all do our bit, we can create a magical protected space for our wildlife.   Continue reading “Ways to create a wildlife sanctuary in your garden”

How children learn through play

how children learn through playHow children learn through play is fascinating.  There are many schools of thought on the subject but they can be summed up in the graphic below.  Firstly a child is naturally curious and so this makes them interested and keen to learn about the toy they are playing with.  This curiosity drives them to play.  As they go through playing they learn things and become even more curious.  As they are playing, they find this learning fun.  All children like to repeat activities that are fun.  By repeating the process, they achieve mastery and cement in the skills they are learning.  A child who is mastering new skills is becoming confident in themselves.  When a child is confident they are willing to try a new challenge and the whole cycles beings again! Continue reading “How children learn through play”