Santas Sack Christmas Toy Giveaway

STT Santas Sack Christmas Giveaway

We want to make a deserving family’s Christmas very special this year, with our Santas Sack Christmas Toy Giveaway competition.    If you’d like to enter this competition, it is running on our Facebook page. (You can also enter via any ad campaigns that we use to drive the competition across Facebook). We are running 2 Christmas competitions in the month of November (2017).  In this first competition, we are giving away a super Christmas toy from a choice of 2 , and in our second competition we are giving away a garden single Swing set handmade by our elves here in Carlow, so whether it’s for a girl or a boy we have the perfect toy for your chosen family.  You get to choose between Disney’s ‘Princess Ariel Land to Sea’ Dollhouse or the Disney Pixar ‘Cars 3’ Florida Racetrack Set and Table.  Both toys are for ages 3 years and upwards. Continue reading “Santas Sack Christmas Toy Giveaway”

Create a Halloween Hooley in the garden

Happy halloween from STT swingsAs we love being outside here in STT Swings we thought what could be better this midterm than to create a Halloween Hooley in the garden. Like all you nature lovers, we don’t care what the weather’s like (well storm Ophelia aside). Food and hot drinks taste even better outside don’t you think? We especially love snuggling up in the tree house with a hot chocolate (extra marshmallows) and watching the steam rise, yumalicious. And it’s even better when you’re dressed up in fancy dress. There’s no set date for a Halloween Hooley, it’s your midterm, so you decide when you want to host the “party to end all parties”.

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Ways to create a wildlife sanctuary in your garden

Ways to create a wildlife sanctuary in your gardenAs we head into Halloween we thought it was the perfect time to share ways to create a wildlife sanctuary in your garden. Once all your hard work is done, you can sit back in your garden den (or hide under the (climbing frame) and watch all the little creatures arrive for your very own ‘Ugly Bug Ball’.   Any garden, no matter how small, can be made into a nature reserve and if we all do our bit, we can create a magical protected space for our wildlife.   Continue reading “Ways to create a wildlife sanctuary in your garden”

How children learn through play

how children learn through playHow children learn through play is fascinating.  There are many schools of thought on the subject but they can be summed up in the graphic below.  Firstly a child is naturally curious and so this makes them interested and keen to learn about the toy they are playing with.  This curiosity drives them to play.  As they go through playing they learn things and become even more curious.  As they are playing, they find this learning fun.  All children like to repeat activities that are fun.  By repeating the process, they achieve mastery and cement in the skills they are learning.  A child who is mastering new skills is becoming confident in themselves.  When a child is confident they are willing to try a new challenge and the whole cycles beings again! Continue reading “How children learn through play”

Handmade Irish Wooden Toy Farms Christmas Delivery

STT swings handmade Irish christmas toysOur handmade Irish wooden toy farms Christmas delivery will be starting up shortly.  There are only 11 weeks until Santa pops down the chimney!  He’s already been busy with the elves collecting all those farms for the super well behaved girls and boys of Ireland.  We have taken on some extra elves here too, just to make sure that we have his orders ready for the sleigh.  Did you know that toy farms are one of the most popular Christmas toys of all time and Santa has been leaving them under trees for hundreds of years. Continue reading “Handmade Irish Wooden Toy Farms Christmas Delivery”

Garden games for children and adults

garden games for children and adultsGarden games for children and adults can be hard to come by.  This is one of the reasons we developed our giant chess and draughts sets.  The set allows children and adults to play together in a game of strategy whilst simultaneously having a lot of fun.  One of the most famous giant chess sets is located in Wales in the beautiful garden in Portmerion.  Portmerion is world famous as one of the designs by the visionary architect, Clough William Ellis. One of our staff was there during the summer and took the stunning photograph below as some inspiration.  It’s a great example as to how to get the chess set to fit into a formal garden.  In reality the chess set looks amazing and actually adds to the design of the garden snuggled in amongst the hydrangeas. Continue reading “Garden games for children and adults”

The benefits of playing outside for children

learning experience from playing outdoors STT Swings CarlowThe benefits of playing outside for children have been well documented.  With the explosion in mobile phone use and the age demographic getting younger and younger, it has never been more important for children to take some ‘time out’ .  For younger children taking time away from the smart screen, the benefits of outdoor play include helping them to develop their muscle strength and co-ordination.  It also encourages self confidence and awareness as they interact with other children whilst they play.  This helps to grow their social skills. Continue reading “The benefits of playing outside for children”