Sensory Swings for kids with disabilities


STT Swings sensory swings for kids with disabilitiesIn recent years, sensory swings  for kids with disabilities, have been widely adopted in therapy. Sensory swings especially help people on the autism spectrum, kids with Asperger’s syndrome or kids with a sensory processing disorder. These swings have many therapeutic benefits. Kids with these disabilities often find it difficult to process their movements and movements around them. This is called a vestibular dysfunction.  Most of us are aware of our five senses (hearing, touch, smell, sight, and taste). However, the sixth important sense which is often forgotten is the vestibular sense (the movement sense). This is responsible for how we process stimuli around us and navigate our bodies. Continue reading “Sensory Swings for kids with disabilities”

The benefits of playing outside for children

learning experience from playing outdoors STT Swings CarlowThe benefits of playing outside for children have been well documented.  With the explosion in mobile phone use and the age demographic getting younger and younger, it has never been more important for children to take some ‘time out’ .  For younger children taking time away from the smart screen, the benefits of outdoor play include helping them to develop their muscle strength and co-ordination.  It also encourages self confidence and awareness as they interact with other children whilst they play.  This helps to grow their social skills. Continue reading “The benefits of playing outside for children”