How children learn through play

how children learn through playHow children learn through play is fascinating.  There are many schools of thought on the subject but they can be summed up in the graphic below.  Firstly a child is naturally curious and so this makes them interested and keen to learn about the toy they are playing with.  This curiosity drives them to play.  As they go through playing they learn things and become even more curious.  As they are playing, they find this learning fun.  All children like to repeat activities that are fun.  By repeating the process, they achieve mastery and cement in the skills they are learning.  A child who is mastering new skills is becoming confident in themselves.  When a child is confident they are willing to try a new challenge and the whole cycles beings again! Continue reading “How children learn through play”

The benefits of playing outside for children

learning experience from playing outdoors STT Swings CarlowThe benefits of playing outside for children have been well documented.  With the explosion in mobile phone use and the age demographic getting younger and younger, it has never been more important for children to take some ‘time out’ .  For younger children taking time away from the smart screen, the benefits of outdoor play include helping them to develop their muscle strength and co-ordination.  It also encourages self confidence and awareness as they interact with other children whilst they play.  This helps to grow their social skills. Continue reading “The benefits of playing outside for children”